We have a shop!

Big News!

We're opening a teeny tiny baby online shop to sell some camping/nature/Minnesota inspired products in an effort to help fund some of our travels and renovations for the Nomad (and possible our next camper!!), because gee golly, things ain't cheap these days! Things like campgrounds, gas, fire wood, new heating unit, paint, flooring, drawer tracks---it all adds up! As much of a passion this is for us we also want to be wise stewards of our income and try to live as consciously and minimally as possible--that's where creating this (hopefully) supplemental income comes in!

At first we were against the notion of selling something. For one, selling is not particularly our jam. It can be uncomfortable and awkward to ask people to buy what you're selling--especially friends. We believe in the notion of ---if people want it, they'll buy it. No pressure. So, yes, we're gonna throw some products out there we hope to sell in order to help support our passion and hobby financially, but if you love to follow our adventures, but these products just aren't your jam or your t-shirt drawer is already full or you're working on your minimalism journey---that's ok! We still love you! (but do us a favor and share it with your friends!)

Here's a glimpse of some items we'll have!

Shop opens next week, stay tuned!!

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