Nomad makeover part 2

Well, we've put in many many hours of work into the Nomad over the past few weeks. Hours that were spent in a camper with a broken furnace in thirty degree winter weather. Seriously, did Spring give up on us? Have we been forgotten?

Anyways, here's what we've done so far:

  • Painted everything (check out the last post!)

  • Put in new flooring

  • 2 new light fixtures

  • New window treatments

  • New decor

It looks a like a new camper! In part 3 of the makeover, we're going to (hopefully) replace the furnace, recover the dinette cushions and add trim around the seams of the flooring.

Some things I've learned along the way:

  • Small spaces can seem really big when you're tasked with painting them

  • Putting in vinyl flooring in a camper with one sheet of faux wood vinyl was the pits! But overall it turned out ok. I think next time we'd choose the peel and stick sections of faux wood planks over the large sheet. Ooftah!

  • Electrical work is not our forte. We still have some kinks to figure out with our fixtures, but we're gonna call in the experts on this one!

  • Blinds are super easy to put in! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!

  • I can do more in frigid temps than I thought would be possible--our make-shift warmth was was lighting the stove burners to generate heat.

  • Whoever invented popcorn wallpaper and ceiling sheets is ridiculous. Like, for real. We aren't even about to tackle those yet.

  • I would and probably will totally do another renovation again--likely with a newer camper in the future and maybe more of an overhaul for customization! I'm more handy than I thought!

Here are some pictures from round 2!

New Flooring!

(If you're thinking, she must've had no idea what she was doing---you would be correct. Thanks You Tube!)

Finished Product!

Electrical wiring from the 60's is the worst!

Look at those blinds!


We can't wait to take her out on her first voyage of the year!

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